Metalizing the Biltmore Estate

Biltmore Estate 2.jpg

One of the really great commissions I got this winter is from a local couple with season passes to the Biltmore Estate. They asked me to do a painting from the vantage point of the tree-lined pathway between the reflection pond and the French Broad River. If you look closely, you'll see the Biltmore House up on the hill (mid-way up the piece on the left) as well as a small row-boat in the lower left corner. I don't usually post pieces half way done, but this one just looked too cool not to share it!

I love commissions. They always surprise me. Just about the time I feel like "Oh, that was the most fun commission I've worked on", someone comes visiting my Asheville art studio and asks me, "Hey, can you paint this?" Oh yeah. 

If you're in Asheville and would like to visit the Biltmore House (yes, it really is worth saving your pennies to see), you'll need a whole day to see the house and walk the massive grounds and gardens. 

Okay, enough writing now. I need to paint the Biltmore House now. That'll take a while!

Biltmore Estate1.jpg
house & boat.jpg