Rainy Sunday Morning Thoughts

I'm looking out my kitchen window, whilst sipping a cup of French roast coffee (a little burnt I think), gazing out at a gray, rainy, dreary Sunday morning in Asheville. No hiking today. No gardening today. I must make peace with being still. But that sounds a lot like boredom.  And for one day a week, I am absolutely fine with enforced stillness.

So there will be no exploring the hillsides and mountain trails of Western North Carolina. The Blue Ridge will have to wait until next week for me. Today, I am sitting, contented in my kitchen window, whilst sipping a cup of French roast coffee, absolutely enjoying a gray, rainy, beautiful Sunday morning in Asheville.

A Florida Sunday.
by Sidney Lanier

From cold Norse caves or buccaneer Southern seas
Oft come repenting tempests here to die;
Bewailing old-time wrecks and robberies,
They shrive to priestly pines with many a sigh,
Breathe salutary balms through lank-lock'd hair
Of sick men's heads, and soon -- this world outworn --
Sink into saintly heavens of stirless air,
Clean from confessional. One died, this morn,
And willed the world to wise Queen Tranquil: she,
Sweet sovereign Lady of all souls that bide
In contemplation, tames the too bright skies
Like that faint agate film, far down descried,
Restraining suns in sudden thoughtful eyes
Which flashed but now. Blest distillation rare
Of o'er-rank brightness filtered waterwise
Through all the earths in heaven -- thou always fair,
Still virgin bride of e'er-creating thought --
Dream-worker, in whose dream the Future's wrought --
Healer of hurts, free balm for bitter wrongs --
Most silent mother of all sounding songs --
Thou that dissolvest hells to make thy heaven --
Thou tempest's heir, that keep'st no tempest leaven --
But after winds' and thunders' wide mischance
Dost brood, and better thine inheritance --
Thou privacy of space, where each grave Star
As in his own still chamber sits afar
To meditate, yet, by thy walls unpent,
Shines to his fellows o'er the firmament --
Oh! as thou liv'st in all this sky and sea
That likewise lovingly do live in thee,
So melt my soul in thee, and thine in me,
Divine Tranquillity!