St.Claire Art is my art gallery and working studio. My unique genre of paintings are created by first sculpting the composition onto the canvas with layers of modeling compound and gesso, then carefully covering the entire surface with Italian aluminum leaf. Oil paint is then applied to the metal, and each piece is finished with several layers of solar-resistant resin (pictured above) or archival satin varnish (for a soft, satin finish).


Most of what I paint is based upon my days off, hiking through the mountains of Western North Carolina with my wife Joy. Some days it's just a short hike up to Craggy Gardens or along the Laurel River, or it's a several hour hike visiting some of the waterfalls or awesome viewpoints in Pisgah Forest or the nearby Smoky Mountains National Park. (See my favorite hikes in the area).

When I am "breathing in" the abundant beauty of the nature so close at hand here in Asheville, I can't help but respond. I hear people say "that's amazing", or "that's beautiful", and that's all true. But mostly, I don't say; I paint. That is how I express my response to the truly overwhelming beauty all around western North Carolina. My art is my response. I hope people enjoy that response.