My goal with each landscape oil painting is to depict a "sacred space", a very unique geographical place (real or imagined) that would elicit a sense of quiet awe or reverence. I love those spaces. I don't think every place is like that. But I have been walking though the woods and felt it: the hairs on the back of your neck sort of feeling that tells you "this place is special", and I can't help but to pause and take it in.

Those are the places I put in my oil paintings. The elements that all work together to create that sense of "sacred space" are very complex, but I think have a lot to do with lighting, composition, color and contrast. I'm looking for a composition that makes the viewer stop and contemplate, or to ask "I wonder what's up that path?". If I can elicit questions like that from the viewer of my artwork, then I consider the piece a success. 

All of my landscape oil paintings below were created at my gallery and studio in the River Arts District in Asheville, NC.  Please contact me for availability or if you are interested in a particular piece or have a photo you'd like me to paint, I am happy to do a commissioned art piece specific to your tastes.  Please see my Comissions page for more information or to learn more about my work and style, please see my Process page. Enjoy!