Abstract Oil Paintings

My abstract pieces have been a truly enjoyable diversion. They're just fun. Unlike the landscapes I paint (which are minutely planned out to the n'th detail before I ever start the actual painting) abstract paintings almost have a life of their own. I randomly apply texture to the canvas, and then I choose a color scheme based on current color trends. And honestly, where it goes from there is always a surprise. Each one of them is like raising a teenager --  you coax and help it on it's way but you can't work it too hard or you'll ruin the whole thing. And hopefully, they turn out great in the end. I find painting abstracts to be great therapy because the way you paint them is so different from the way I approach a landscapes.

All of my abstract oil paintings below were designed and developed at my gallery and studio in the River Arts District in Asheville, NC.  Please contact me for availability or if you are interested in a particular style I am happy to do a commissioned art piece specific to your tastes.  Please see my Comissions page for more information.